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Mark Gwynne Jones and the PsychicBread - Film, Poetry and Music
p s y c h i c b r e a d :
film poems: a conspiracy to fuse poetry, film and music

Psychicbread Film features film poems by director Andy Lawrence, poet Mark Gwynne Jones and composer John Stephen.

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The Message - a 12 minute screenplay mixing poetry, image and drama.

This is the story of a boy unable to give voice to his dreams, a postman who glimpses another world and an old man on the verge of death who fears his life has been wasted. The three are brought together by a message which offers their past, present and future selves the chance of communication. But who will see that the message is for them?

The Message, our most recent collaboration, has been screened in: Leicester Square, London, June 2005; The Odeon Cinema, Wimbledon, June 2005; The Albany Theatre, Deptford, May 2005; The Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester, 2004 & 2003; and broadcast by Manchester TV, Aug 2004.

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It's Only Water

Noah lives at the top of a block of flats, and wakes one morning to find it had rained in the night. In fact it had rained quite heavily and the town was flooded. But our hero recognises the need for ablutions and endeavours to persuade those clinging on telegraph wires to Let Go! It's only water, after all.

Film poem duration 4.59

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Possession Possession
An exploration of dream symbolism and a search for the universal self.
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Anagrams Anagrams
What lies beneath the strange phenomenon of Psychicbread?
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Plasticman Plasticman
The tramp of Christmas Future has arrived inside the Superstore.
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It's Only Water Mark's Head
Mark Gwynne Jones in hideous close up.
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Alien Love Alien Love
Where does genetic engineering end and weird sex begin?
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Pickety Pockety Poems Pickety Pockety Poems
Here we enter the beleagured mind of our poet.
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